Gautham Santhosh

Maker 💸 DeFi 🚀 Machine Learning

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News 🖊

Founder at Polynomial Protocol Hack Money 2021

Products and Projects 🎉

🙈 Feature Monkey SaaS customer feedback tool - Won Product Hunt Silver Kitty Award

🛡 Safeguard Decentralized password manager made using blockstack. Product Hunt Extension Can't be evil hackathon

Hazel - Build, train, and ship custom deep learning models using a simple visual interface. Won Prototype.

👔 Machine Learning Jobs List Machine Learning Jobs Portal Featured Product

🚀 ayyo - a paywall with one line of code. Ayyo won Skale bounty at ETHParis.

🐘 Anna Assistant Your personal assistant for Chrome. #3 Product Of the Day

🎯 Karma - The Smart Habit Tracker. #4 Product of the Day

🙏 Pelican Facebook Make your Facebook experience minimal and focused. Product Hunt


🎥 Machine learning at JustWatch.

🇪🇺 Research Intern at the University of Messina.

🇮🇳 Software dev intern at Headout in Bangalore.


🤖 Gautham Santhosh, Fabrizio De Vita, Francesco Longo, Dario Bruneo and Antonio Puliafito. Towards Trustless Prediction-as-a-Service, SmartComp 2019, Washington DC


All blogs are originally published in Medium. 📝 🌟 These are few selected ones.


🤖 Building Machine learning powered application - Hackoverflow - NIT Durgapur, India - April 2021 slides

🎨 How to see programming as art - a beginners guide to programming - RJIT, India - Feb 2021 slides

👩‍💻 Beyond hackathons: launching products after hackathon - Hack in the north, IIIT Allahabad, India - Dec 2020 YouTube

💬 How to build a chatbot in 30 mins - IIIT Allahabad, India - Feb 2017 slides